Course curriculum

  • 1

    Knockout Zipper Bags introduction

    • Welcome to Knockout Zipper Bags!!

    • All the bags you're going to make + sewing goals

    • Helpful tips for getting through this class + download the Eguide

  • 2

    Game Night Mesh Bags

    • Welcome to Game Night Mesh Bags

    • Game night mesh bags supplies

    • Game night mesh bags: getting your bias tape ready

    • Sewing up your game night mesh bags

  • 3

    Soft Stripes Wristlet

    • Soft Stripes Wristlet welcome

    • Soft Stripes Wristlet Supplies

    • Prep the pieces for your Soft Stripes Wristlet

    • Making the strap

    • Sewing on the ribbon

    • Sewing the zipper and the loop into your Soft Stripes Wristlet

    • Sewing your bag pieces together

  • 4

    Pretty Up Makeup Bag

    • Pretty up makeup bag welcome!

    • Pretty up makeup bag supplies

    • Pretty up makeup bag cutting and prep

    • Pretty up makeup bag adding fusibles

    • Pretty up makeup bag adding elastic

    • Pretty up makeup bag sewing the zipper

    • Pretty up makeup bag pressing

    • Pretty up makeup bag Sewing sides and bottom

    • Pretty up makeup bag turning the bag

    • Pretty Up Makeup bag Pressing the bag, the sequel

    • Pretty up makeup bag Making the ribbon pull

  • 5

    Bonus pattern: the Color Curves Clutch

    • Color Curves Clutch intro & download the pattern

    • Color Curves Clutch supplies

    • Color curves clutch prep zipper

    • Color curves clutch paint leather

    • Color curves clutch cutting

    • Color curves clutch prepping to sew

    • Color Curves Clutch sewing machine feet for leather

    • Color Curves Clutch sewing leather to base

    • Color curves clutch sewing the zipper

    • Color Curves Clutch tying off threads

    • Color Curves Clutch sewing the bag

    • Color curves clutch turning and finishing

    • Color curves clutch tassel

  • 6

    Where to go next?

    • Easy Refashions for Every Season

    • Can I get your feedback?