Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Self Reliant Sewing!

    • What is Self-Reliant Sewing all about? + Track your success

  • 2

    Sewing basics you need to know

    • How to buy your first sewing machine

    • 3 sewing machines up close

    • The sewing machine feet that you actually need

    • Essential sewing tools

    • What type of needles you need to buy for this class

    • Get to know your sewing machine parts

    • How to wind a bobbin

    • How to thread a sewing machine

    • Must know sewing terms

  • 3

    All about sewing patterns

    • 3 pattern formats

    • Fastest way to assemble PDF patterns

    • How to read a pattern

    • Simple sample pattern layout + how to cut a pattern

  • 4

    Sewing practice + self-evaluation = better sewing quicker

    • How to make a stitch sampler

    • Making the first stitches on your sewing machine

    • Evaluate your practice stitching

  • 5

    Bonus: Get to know fabrics masterclass

    • The 7 Immutable Properties of Fabric

    • How to shop for fabric

    • Natural Fiber Fabrics: A Beginner's Friend, An Expert's Love

    • Fabric Fact Cards part 1

    • Fabric Fact Cards Part 2

  • 6

    Project #1: Encore Lace Bracelet

    • Diving into the Encore Lace Bracelet

    • Getting started: Cutting and interfacing your Encore Lace Bracelet

    • Stitching the lace

    • Prepping the lining

    • Sewing the lining

    • Topstitching around the outside

    • Sewing the Buttonholes

    • Sewing on buttons

  • 7

    Project #2: Prelude Bag

    • Welcome to the Prelude Bag

    • Cutting the Prelude Bag

    • Right side vs. wrong side of fabric

    • Interfacing the Prelude Bag

    • Getting ready to sew Prelude Bag

    • Mark your seam allowances

    • Sew sides and bottom Prelude Bag

    • Making the handles

    • Press seams Prelude Bag

    • Sewing boxed corners Prelude Bag

    • Pressing the corners

    • Sewing the handles on the outer bag

    • Sewing lining to outer bag Prelude Bag

    • Finishing up Prelude Bag

  • 8

    Project #3: Matcha Latte Apron

    • Welcome to the Matcha Latte Apron

    • Cutting the Matcha Latte Apron

    • Making bias tape for your apron

    • Interfacing your apron pieces

    • Getting the apron ready to sew

    • Sewing the seams on the pockets, waistband, and basting the apron

    • Pressing the seams, adding interfacing to the waistband

    • Assembling the pockets

    • Adding the bias binding

    • Sewing on the waistband and ties

    • Finishing up

  • 9

    Project #4: Overture Skirt

    • Welcome to the Overture Skirt

    • Measuring yourself for your skirt

    • I did all the math for you so you don't have to

    • Time to cut this skirt

    • Getting your side seams ready

    • Sewing the side seams

    • Gathering the fabric in the middle and bottom tier

    • Sewing the middle tier to the top tier

    • Sewing the middle tier to the bottom

    • Finishing the inner seams

    • Creating a simple elastic waistband

    • Hemming the skirt

  • 10

    Bonus: Sewing Help Toolbox

    • Where to go when your machine is being a jerk, frustration sets in or you just need some awesome sewing tips

    • How to clean a sewing machine

    • How to sew better buttonholes

    • What sewing machine tension is and isn't

    • Matching seam intersections

    • 4 easy seam finishes

    • Watch this when everything goes wrong: how to deal with sewing frustration

    • What I use instead of a seam ripper